19 September 2014

What our week looked like...

This week has been full of preschool mornings, a new gymnastics class for Eliana & Ezra, crossing tasks off my to-do list, playing outside in the heat, picking out new books at the library, enjoying cloudy days in the desert, catching up on my veterinary assistant coursework, seeing precious baby #4 on ultrasound, and attempting to settle into a routine here.  
Happy, colorful breakfasts // soaking up the sun & cooling off // Somebody has a snacktime shadow!
my three chicks // rainy, cloudy day in the desert // 33 weeks pregnant with baby #4

I am currently in MN, for a long weekend, all by myself!  I have been looking forward to seeing girlfriends, visiting with my Grandma, enjoying some cooler weather and an actual Fall season, attending a baby shower, and traveling solo - although I am sure that after a few hours by myself, I'll miss the kids and all the commotion that accompanies them!  Happy Friday, friends!

18 September 2014

Beat the Heat

Moving to the Arizona desert from Monterey has been a little bit of an adjustment, especially for this pregnant mama!  Let's just say our little family was quite used to the consistent, temperate weather of Monterey, and that the heat has been...well...hot!  To beat the heat, we've been pulling out the wading pool, filling it up, and spending time splashing around outside.  The kids love filling buckets, dumping water on each other, "watering" Georgie, and eating popsicles for snacks.  I love sitting with my feet in the water, soaking up the sun, and watching them play.  I foresee many more days where the pool gets pulled out, swimsuits are donned, and water helps us beat the heat, as we continue to acclimate here!

16 September 2014

DLI Graduation August 2014

After months of studying, many late nights of homework, and seemingly endless hours of class time, Max graduated from the Defense Language Institute at the end of August.  I could not be more proud of him! 
Ceremony // his classmates & teachers // getting his "diploma" // proud of my man

15 September 2014

Goodbyes {Max leaves for training}

Saying goodbye definitely doesn't get any easier, especially as the kids get older.  I remember when I said goodbye to Max, as he left for boot camp, over five years ago, and the tears that streamed down my face the entire car ride home.  It felt so, so hard then.  But now that we have kids, and they understand more what it means for Daddy to be gone for a time (or as much as their little toddler brains can comprehend!), and as we know the life events that Max will miss out on - the goodbyes are still hard, just in different ways.  

Listening to Max talk to the kids before he left, and watching him say his goodbyes to them brought tears to my eyes.  He told Ezra to take good care of mama, and the girls, and to be a good helper.  He hugged and kissed Eliana, and said he'd see her soon.  He squeezed Evie, the one he's been there through it all for, knowing she's never known anything but his being there most of the time.  He touched my belly, both of us knowing it was the last time he'll see me pregnant, and that he won't be there for the birth of his fourth little one.  

This military life isn't always easy, and saying goodbyes is just one more hard thing that comes along with it.  I try my best to be thankful for the little things - that his training will be done in five or six months, that we'll get to talk on the phone and skype throughout his being away, that he is not deployed, that we are somewhere that we have lots of support, that he'll hopefully get a weekend to come meet the baby and also come back for Christmas.  But it's still hard thinking about the things he'll miss - the birth of our 4th baby, birthdays and holidays, kids growing and changing.  

Goodbyes can be rough - especially for this hormonal, pregnant mama.  But I know what lies ahead, on the other side of this goodbye - the sweet reunion with my husband/our Daddy.  And until then, I do my best to remember that this all serves a purpose, that God is my strength, and that there are plenty of little things we have to be thankful for.  

13 September 2014

The last few weeks {moving from Monterey to AZ}

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of moving and packing, Max graduating and checking out of his unit, traveling to AZ from CA and the great car debacle that ensued, having a week with Max before he left for training in TX, and getting settled into somewhat of a routine here in AZ.  

Three weeks ago, my parents drove to Monterey.  They had offered to bring the kids back to AZ ahead of Max & I, so that we could do the moving/packing/house cleaning.  We gladly took them up on their offer, and sent the kids with them on a 12-hour car ride.  The movers came the next day, spent two days packing, and one day loading up the truck.  Once the house was empty, Max and I went crazy cleaning the house, and getting it ready for inspection.  Max graduated that Thursday, we finished getting the house ready, loaded up our vehicles, and checked-out (with flying colors) on Friday morning.
 a few of our sweet kid friends // donuts at our last church service in Monterey // George
early morning banana bread & coffee on moving day // 30-week belly on the road
rearview stop // can you spot Georgie? // much needed caffeine break on the road

We started our roadtrip adventure from CA to AZ that Friday afternoon.  We planned to drive a few hours, stay that night at a hotel, and get a good start for the rest of the drive on Saturday morning.  We got to our hotel Friday evening, had a relaxing evening, and then got up early to continue on our way.  Within an hour of our drive, Max's car started having engine issues.  To make a long story short, we ended up leaving his car at my cousin's house, and driving together to AZ, finally arriving at 2am.  Max and my brother went back for the car the next day, but the car ended up totally falling apart along the way.  They sold the car to a junker the next day, and we were all finally together in AZ the day after Labor day.  The whole trip/car was a bit of a debacle and a stresser, that's for sure!  Plus, Max had been planning to drive to TX from here, so we had to make new arrangements.   
L made them all paper crowns // first day of preschool! // iced coffee on a hot morning
sweet Evie // 31-week belly // Bibi hosing the kiddos off after popsicle snacks 

We decided to have Max stay a few extra days, and then get a plane ticket for him to get to his training in TX.  This gave us some more days with him, before he had to leave for the next few months, which was really nice. He was able to be here for L's first day of preschool, some fun excursions, taking each kiddo out on a special donut/coffee/juice date, a date night with me, an OB appointment (which also happened to be the first and last one he would come to with his baby!), and to just hang out together.  We sent him off yesterday, but are so glad for the time we got to spend with him beforehand.  Now, we  are attempting to settle into a routine here for the next few months!  
 celebrating Bibi's birthday // Ezra gets a haircut // evening dance party routine
squinty-eyed husband // playing in the pool // 32-week belly