19 August 2014

Baby Bumpin' {Baby #4}

It's crazy how fast this pregnancy seems to be flying by!  Baby E is due in about 10 weeks (although it's more like 11-ish, with the way my babies like to cook inside this belly of mine...), and I feel like we were just finding out I was pregnant with this little one.  

My belly is getting bigger and bigger - my skin has been so itchy lately from stretching out.  And little girl is a mover, always dancing and making herself known in my belly - especially late at night and early in the morning, which I sure hope isn't a sign of her sleep habits to come ;)

I am starting to feel more tired again, similar to how I felt the first few weeks I was pregnant, but that could also be attributed to all the moving prep and chasing after 3 little ones!  For awhile, I was craving a lot of healthier-type foods, but the last few weeks, all I want is sweets - donuts, cheesecake, ice cream, cookies, chocolate - you name it!  Good thing Max is on a healthy eating kick - it's good motivation to not go completely crazy with the sweet treats!  I had no interest in coffee the first few months I was pregnant, but in the last two months, I have been wanting it again, which makes this coffee-loving mama happy.

The kids love to hug and kiss my belly, and Ezra likes to try to feel her move every night when he goes to bed.  A few months ago, he announced he had a baby in his belly too.  And then, shortly after that, it became three babies.  He often talks about them, which cracks me up.  The other morning, he came downstairs, and I could hear his stomach rumbling.  I asked him what the noise was, and he was quickly told me that the babies in his belly were very hungry!  

I am trying my best to soak up these pregnant moments, with my growing belly and little babe inside, but am also getting way excited for her to come out, so we can see her sweet face and get to know her personality - I can't wait to see how big she is (especially in light of my other big babes!) and what color her hair is - I feel like I am about due to have a dark-haired child, but then I look at my three blonde babes, and just laugh!  

Oh precious baby E, you caught us all completely off-guard, but we are already so smitten with you.  We can't wait for you to grace us with your presence.  Even if you do have blonde hair and keep us up at all hours of the night! 
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18 August 2014

Evie and the Jack-in-the-box.

This video makes me laugh.
First, because she has her finger shoved up her nose half the time.  
Second, because she thinks I am taking a picture, and is saying "cheese!"
And third, because this is her reaction to the Jack-in-the-box EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.
Cracks me up.  Happy Monday!

15 August 2014

I'm back + what I'm up to.

After sporadically blogging for the last few months, I feel like I want to be back, sharing pieces of our days, stories of what we're up to, and pictures of our life.  Who knows...maybe it'll get too hectic with all that is coming up for us, but maybe this upcoming move and having to be away from Max will be just what I needed to get back into blogging more frequently again.  I've missed this space!

A little bit of what I'm up to:
reading...Bringing up Bebe & Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way
listening to...Capital Kings and Hillsong United
craving...a black and white mocha
thinking about...the move in a few weeks
eating...odds and ends as we clean out the pantry
feeling...proud of Max for being SO close to completing his language course
watching...the last few episodes of Grey's Anatomy, season 10
making...lots and lots of to-do lists

25 June 2014

Painting with Daddy.

I have to admit, I am not a fan of painting with my kids.  They LOVE it, and ask to paint frequently - all I can usually think about is that there will be 3 little kids with paintbrushes in hand, and that paint will be everywhere.  So, we don't paint very often.  It's definitely a special occasion thing.  Or now, a Daddy thing.

One evening, a few weeks ago, after dinner, he suggested we get the paints out.  The kids were thrilled and I was not, as usual.  But Max was so excited to do it with him, and I just told him he got to help clean up ;)
 Love how when Ezra concentrates, he sticks his tongue out!
 It was going well, until Ezra peed in his undies/pants.  They were having so much fun, so I just stripped him down, and let him keep painting.  It was hysterical seeing his naked behind under that smock.  And then Evie walked by, accidentally swinging her brush around, artistically leaving paint splotches on his bum.  It was cracking us up!  
She was so proud of herself.  They all had such a fun time painting - and Max kept exclaiming how he was having a blast - and I just kept telling him that was great, that HE could paint with them all he wanted!  We've now painted a few times in the last couple weeks, and have some very artistic pictures to prove it.

 And for good measure, a few faces of Evie - the girl cracks me up!

20 June 2014

Summer 2014 Reading

I told myself that I couldn't pick up turn-my-brain-off-get-lost-in-another-world books until I got through some of the books on my nonfiction book list.  You see, it's harder for me to read nonfiction - it takes more concentration for me, and somedays, at the end of the day, I just don't have energy to really absorb the good thoughts tucked in those books, so they sit on my shelf for days and weeks and months.  

I also told myself it was silly to finally get a library card when we had less than 3 months here.  But then two weekends ago, Eliana and I found ourselves at the Public Library, filling out for a card, and checking out a whole bag of books.  

The books that I checked out, I finished in a week.  I guess I was a little more than ready to turn-my-brain-off and get lost in another world.  I think I forgot how much I love to read.  To have a book in my hand, turning pages, getting to know characters, losing myself in a story.  This past week has been a great reminder to myself of my love for reading, for books, for stories.  And now, I can't wait to get to the library to pick up more.   

I am almost done with A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 (and highly recommend it!).

What have you been reading lately?  Anything recommended that I can add to my list?