27 October 2014

L's 5th Birthday

Our Eliana turned 5 over a week ago.  It's crazy to think it's been five years since we welcomed her into the world!  She chose apple pancakes and then a shrimp & tator tot dinner, followed by pink cupcakes (with pink frosting and pink sprinkles AND strawberries on top) for her special meals.  It was another low-key birthday, because that's just how we do things around here.  She opened some presents - Ezra picked out the game Cootie for her, and we hung out during the day.  We celebrated with my parents (they were out of town on her birthday) once they were home, and she got to open some more presents.   She had a great day, and it was fun celebrating her.  I certainly love this little girl that made me a mama!

10 October 2014

What our week looked like...

This week was fall break for Eliana's preschool, so we've been enjoying no alarms set in the morning, lots of book reading, and trips to the park.  We started out our week with a bagel & coffee picnic at a local park, which also happened to be right next to one of the libraries.  I love library day - we read a lot of books, and it's always nice to get a new stack to read through each week!  

Tuesday evening, I went to a Rend Collective concert with my parents and some of their friends.  It was fun to go out sans kiddos, and the concert was fantastic!

The weather cooled down mid-week, and it was rainy here, which is unusual.  When I say it "cooled down", I mean it was in the 70's - but it felt SO nice to have a break from the 90's!  We enjoyed afternoon walks, and playing on the patio, and more trips to parks.  

The kids got a new easel to play with, and have been drawing/chalking/marking it up! They are so funny, drawing pictures and then requesting that I take pictures of their creations to send to Daddy before they get erased.  It's precious, and makes me smile. 

The week has been pretty good for us!  How was your week?
Ezra blowing bubbles to Georgie // Bibi did L's makeup, ha! // bagel & coffee picnic
creations at the easel // Rend Collective concert // good morning 36-week belly
cloudy, cooler day // Mama & Ezra // a picture of their picture, for Daddy

06 October 2014

36 weeks update {Baby #4}

Maybe one of these days in the next month, I'll get someone to snap some pictures on my actual camera, but for now, these phone photos will have to do!  

I am 36 weeks pregnant with baby #4 this week.  That means only 5 more weeks to go, at the most!  Hooray!  I am getting more and more eager to meet this sweet baby girl.  To put a face to a name, to get to know her personality, to hold her little squishy newborn self, to see how big she is!

I am feeling good.  Starting to get more tired as the weeks progress, and feeling more and more torpedo-belly-like!  Some of my maternity shirts don't cover the belly anymore, which makes me laugh.  I am having a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions these days, and feeling like there is a large bowling ball pressing down on my pelvis.  If I didn't have a history of having babies that were born a week late, I might think she could make her appearance in the next several weeks.  Who knows! All babies are so different! 

Eliana and I toured the hospital yesterday, so I know where to go and what it is like.  Definitely made it a little more real - that super soon I'll be in labor with this baby, and getting ready to meet her!  I am soaking up these last few weeks of being pregnant and carrying this babe in my belly - feeling her wiggle and kick and dance in my belly is such a precious experience.  

Oh, and super happy news!  We found out last week that Max gets a break between the two courses he is taking in TX.  Guess when that break just so happens to be?!  The beginning of November!  He'll be flying back here for a week or so, and if she is late like the others, he'll be here for her birth!  Which was something we did not think was even a possibility!  Even if she does come earlier, we know he gets to come home for a time to meet her and spend some time here as a family.  Yay God! 

29 September 2014

Evie's 2nd Birthday

Evelyn turned 2 this past Friday, and we had a great day celebrating her - waffle & sausage breakfast, a special birthday balloon from Bibi, a few gifts to open, lunch out for Sonoron hot dogs, and after naps, we had her requested dinner - spaghetti & meatballs, followed by chocolate cake & ice cream.  It wasn't anything super fancy or too crazy, but it was a perfect day celebrating our sweet, sassy Evie! 
camera present // birthday breakfast // Ezra and Evie
she loved her balloon // chocolate cake & ice cream // presents!
birthday girl // Sonoran hot dogs for lunch // followed by churros
bathtime // Eliana & Ezra // bedtime reading with Babu

28 September 2014

Weekend in Minnesota

A few months ago, I got the grand idea of taking a trip by myself to MN, to visit girlfriends.  My parents graciously offered to watch the kids, and the crazy Georgie, for a long weekend, and I booked my ticket.  I was so excited to take a solo trip (I think it's the longest I've left my babes ever, and it's the first time I've gone on a trip by myself since having kids!), and to have a relaxing weekend before baby #4 arrives, and life gets even more crazy around here. 
 Early morning at the airport // Dunn Bros! // reading
Glam Doll donuts - yum! // 34 weeks pregnant with baby #4 // enjoying lovely weather
precious time with a sweet friend // airport coffee & study break // loving the cooler temps
I was able to attend a friend's baby shower while in MN.  She is due about a week before I am, with her first baby - a precious little boy.  It was so fun staying with her, and sharing all about our bellies/babies/pregnancies - I can't believe I didn't get any pictures with her, especially with our baby bellies! 

The weekend didn't quite go as planned, as one of my best friends was really sick, and spent most of the weekend in the hospital, trying to get symptoms and pain figured out.  Even though last weekend may not have been exactly as planned, it was still a lovely, quiet, relaxing weekend - complete with lots of coffee, sweet conversations and time with dear friends, reading books, lunch with my Grandma, attending a baby shower, and enjoying the cooler Fall weather.