13 February 2015

My Sweethearts.

I sure do love these precious, goofy kiddos of mine!  After taking a few photos of the four of them, Ezra and Eliana wanted to take some with me in the picture.  We miss our Daddy (only days until we move, yay!), and can't wait to see him, but I sure am thankful for these little sweethearts of mine!

10 February 2015

Emmalee Grace - 3 months

I know, I know, I am always saying this, but time has flown right by again!  How is my precious baby already three months old?!  Emmalee is doing great.  She weighs in around 14 lbs, and has outgrown most of her 0-3/3m clothes.  She has become quite vocal - "talking" to us, making dinosaur-type squawking noises, and she LOVES blowing bubbles with her lips.  Emma is a fantastic sleeper, and I am so thankful for that!  She sleeps 10-11 hours at night, takes one longer nap in the afternoon, and a few catnaps in the morning.  She nurses every 2-3 hours during the day, and if she's not eating or sleeping, she probably has her hands in her mouth.  She is still quite laid-back, and easy going, for the most part.  We love our sweet Emmalee Grace!  

09 February 2015

Our weekend (or, Alison visits).

My parents were out of town over the weekend, so when my cousin Alison (who the kids call Auntie Alison) asked when she could visit, this weekend seemed like a great time!  She came down on Friday and stayed through Sunday, and we are so glad she made the trek!

The kids were so excited going to bed on Friday night, knowing they would see her when they woke up on Saturday morning!  We went the to Zoo on Saturday morning, and had a blast seeing all the animals.  There is a baby elephant there, and she is just adorable!  She seems so tiny, but just weighed in at 400+ lbs!  Crazy!  We went out for Sonoran hot dogs after the Zoo, and then headed home for naps.  Spent some time outside before dinner, and then once the kids were in bed, Alison and I had a fun night eating treats, painting nails, chatting, and catching up on shows.  We headed to the park Sunday morning, to burn some energy off, and then Alison hit the road to head home.  

I am so thankful for the conversation, extra hands, and help that Alison provided!  We are so glad she came down to spend the weekend with us!  
morning walk view // playing outside // sleepy babe // Queen Eliana
 Can you find the little teeny baby in the picture above?!  
playing at the park!
{many of the photos above were taken & shared by Alison!  Thanks!}

06 February 2015

The little things this week.

A few little things that made me smile this week:
 Afternoon popcorn snack, complete with watchful brown beast, and guarding arms!
 Happy, smiley morning burrito babe.
 Taking the car to the carwash.  Easy entertainment.

Emma chatting it up with her favorite friend...the ceiling fan!
 He brought his coffee cup and pot to the table for breakfast.  Also, this is his "cheese" face.
Morning walks with a sweet girl, wearing a bonnet that belonged to me as a babe.  

05 February 2015

A day in our AZ life.

I wanted to record a glimpse into what a day in our life has looked like over the last few months, as we've been living at my parents house, in the AZ desert. 

My day sort of starts between 4-6am, when Emma gets up for her first feeding of the day.  She fusses a bit, I nurse her in bed, then change her, and lay her back in her crib. She goes back to sleep until 8am-ish.  I get up before the kids, usually by 645am, to get dressed and ready for the day.  I let George out, feed him breakfast, and heat up water for a cup of tea. 
The older 3 kids are waking up around 715am.  They get dressed, and I start breakfast preparations.  If Eliana has preschool that morning, we need to be out the door by 830am, so I have been keep them on track.  Otherwise, we eat a slower breakfast.  Most days it's oatmeal, or eggs and toast.  Sometimes we get a little crazy and do pancakes, or fried potatoes and eggs.  Emma is usually up by 830am, and nurses again.  If it's a preschool morning, we are out the door, to drop off Eliana.  If it's not, we try to get out for a walk with George.     
Today, we walked to the park, took the "adventure trail" home, and then played in the backyard for awhile.  This time of the day is also the time we might do errands, if we have any to run, or head to the library or the Zoo.  Emma nurses again around 1130am.  Eliana is done with school at noon on preschool days, so lunch typically happens around 1230p.  The kids request cheese crisps or sandwiches most days, which is easy and doable!
After lunch, all the kids lay down for a nap.  Eliana doesn't sleep most days, but I still have her "rest" for at least an hour.  She often sneaks out of her room before Evie is awake, and asks to sit in Bibi's office, to do crafts or projects quietly.  Emma has started taking a longer nap during this time as well, which is awesome. I have some time to myself, to recharge, and to get some work done.  
I make another cup of tea, check email, and get miscellaneous stuff done.  I am doing some work for a High School leadership organization, so I often get that done at this time of the day.  Some days, this is when I have Skype dates with girlfriends.  I am so thankful for Skype, and the way it's allowed me to stay connected with dear friends all over the world!
The kids start waking up around 3p.  Emma nurses again.  We might play outside or watch a short show, play with toys or read library books.  Some days I make dinner, and some days my mom works on it.  Emma is usually hanging out in her rocker chair, "chatting" with her hanging animals.  Everybody is home from work around 530p, and we sit down to eat together.  Sometimes Emma wants to nurse at this time too.  The girl could eat all day, I think! 
Bath night happens every other night after dinner, and most nights the kids beg to have a dance party!  They love to jump around, spin in circles, and just be crazy dancers.  It's a great way to burn up some leftover energy, before bed.  Emma is usually ready to nurse one last time around 730p, and then she goes to sleep for the night.  She sleeps 9-10 hours, before waking in the early morning to eat again.  The other kids get in bed by 730p.  Evie loves having her Babu "rocka" her, and sing songs.  Ezra asks me to lay with him and we recount our favorite part of the day together.  Eliana is usually getting up to use the potty 3.5 times before settling into bed, ha!
Everything is typically settled and calm by 8p.  I try to pick up around the house, so toys aren't everywhere.  If I have laundry, this is prime folding time.  George tends to be wherever the action is, following me around.  Some nights, I have a little more work to do.  If not, I might read a book, or putz online for awhile before bed.  I try to sleep between 9-10p, so I can get up to do it all over again the next day!
My days are full of diaper changes, baby girl feedings, reading books, walks with George, making meals, cleaning up said meals, picking up toys, and teaching kids how to behave themselves.  It's busy, and chaotic, and at times, overwhelming.  And many days definitely do not go as anticipated or planned, which can be hard for the organizer in me!  

But these days are also oh so very good.  Sometimes I feel so immersed in all these little people things, and it's hard to see the end of the day, or to figure out who I am in the midst of it all.  But then I remember how fast the last few years have flown by.  And I know that these times won't last forever.  In fact, they'll probably go by faster than I realize!  I don't want to miss the little moments, the small wonders around me.  

The days are quite full, but then again, so is my heart.